Saturday, November 17, 2007

Harvey is 6 months today

I cannot believe that half a year has passed already.
I have enjoyed getting to know Harvey as well as watching his role in the family change as he grows. Harvey is such a laid back little man, with an enormous amount of patience for all the hugs and kisses and noise. Harv (as Marshall calls him) is becoming so strong and is on the verge of crawling. He is proficient in the backwards slide and will occasionally throw himself forward in an attempt to reach a toy. It usually ends with him face up, twisted and confused.
Harvey felt like part of the family before he arrived. There was no getting used to him stage or reality transition period. Around the time Harvey was born, Marshall was captivated by wolves. We were a family of wolves, mamawolf, daddywolf and Ellawolf. The day Harvey came home from the hospital Marshall pronounced him, Haaarveeewolf. It was official, there was a new member to the pack.
and now...


SidheSpirit said...

Happy Birthday Harvey!
Hugs to Ella and Marshall too!
love you all

Kristen said...

Love the expression on Harvey's face! What a cutie-pie! :)